Polaroid Silver – Filament Cartridge

Polaroid Silver Metallic filament is made with an all-purpose a bio-compostable material to create a flexible metallic 1.75mm versatile filament.

Designed specifically for the Polaroid Modelsmart 250S 3D printer, these filaments are produced to the most exacting standards providing consistency of colour and texture each time you print.



The Polaroid Silver Filament is an all-purpose bio-compostable metallic material. With a Polaroid Silver Filament 3D Printer Cartridge for the Modelsmart 250S 3D Printer you can create metal texture Templates, Engineering Test Components, Spare Parts for Repairs and Prototypes as well as Metallic Toys and Models.

  • A 750g cartridge of 1.75mm filament.
  • Bi-directional Smart Chip provides accurate filament levels and a material check on the machine.*
  • Identifies if sufficient filament is available for each print.*
  • PLA, Silver and Wood are all-purpose bio-compostable materials making this a truly environmentally friendly choice.
  • This is a metallic based material giving you amazing metallic models.
  • You can also print in a choice of 9 fantastic colours of PLA plastic.
  • The ModelSmart 250S also prints in Real Wood filament too.

*The unique smartchip on the filament cartridge not only tells the machine which filament the cartridge contains but also provides real-time accurate filament levels prior to, during and after print. This information is retained on each smartchip so part-used cartridges can be interchanged and re-used at a later date with no waste.

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